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Isidro Martinez

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Sugar Icumsa 45

Vendo azucar Icumsa 45, el mejor precio del mercado. Sugar Icumsa 45. The best price of market. Rgds.

negocios en Chile hace más de 6 meses

raw sugar icumsa 150 demanda

solicito proveedores de icumsa 150 para europa. atentamente, ifc

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Preguntas al anunciante

Just a reminder before we reply to your LOI; need to make sure you know the real prices please & please read carefully as we don't pay commissions or allow over price.  
We work directly with the producers of commodities. Our product comes directly from various sugar refineries in Brazil, Colombia, Peru & Bolivia. We are not a broker chain and we prefer not to deal with chains of brokers. If you are not the end buyer, please allow us direct negotiations with end buyer. Your commission will have to be paid by the end buyer as we don’t allow over price or pay any commissions; afterwards we can more easily close the transaction. Contact us for further information.    
I would need the following in the LOI & on buyers letterhead either on WORD or PDF file only or we won't reply:    
1-type of sugar   
2-origin of sugar    
3-complete specification of sugar    
4-quantity of sugar    
5-FOB or CIF?    
6-port of destination(all info)    
7-packaging of sugar    
8-spot or 12 month contract     
That's what I need to send you "quote/offer"  
A. Buyer issues a complete & valid LOI (Letter Of Intent)    
B. Seller sends SCO (Soft Corporate Offer)    
C. Buyer sends ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order)    
D. Seller sends FCO (Full Corporate Offer)    
E. Buyer returns FCO + ICPO signed, sealed, via email or fax    
F. Seller sends Draft Contract to Buyer. Once contract is agreed upon, both parties to exchange hard copies of final contract signed and sealed.    
G. Executed contracts delivered to buyer’s and seller’s banks. Buyers bank to issue a non-operative DLC (Documentary Letter of Credit). DLC with swift message MT799 + RWA (Ready, Willing and Able) Once is confirmed, seller’s bank will respond with POP (Proof of Product) and SGC (Security Guarantee Contract) via SWIFT bank to bank. Which activates buyer’s non operative financial instrument.    
H. Delivery to commence per contracted schedule of shipments  
I. Buyer’s Financial Instrument payable at sight against shipping documents.      
Payment terms:     
The buyer must issue a DLC or LC (Letter of Credit) irrevocable, non-transferable, confirmed, prenotification, 100% payable. Valid for the period of the contract in US Dollars enough to pay 100%. If the contract implies multiple shipments this must be open but not cumulative and revolving.      
Guarantee of Delivery:    
P.G.L.D.D. (Perform Guarantee Late Delivery Discount) is applicable if the delivery is not made on time; this will be specify on the contract.     
This are the prices for Brazilian icumsa 800-1000, 250 & 150 FOB. icumsa 800 - 1000 New York Market price + premium of $120; icumsa 250 New York Market price + premium of $130; icumsa 150 New York Market price + premium of $140.  
For icumsa 45 we use London Market price.  
We use "last" which is the last transaction of the day.  
On January 10th, 2011 the market for icumsa 45 closed at $775.80  
$765.10 (London Market price end of day) + $150 (refinery Premium) = $925.80  
Total of $925.80 for Brazilian icumsa 45 per Metric Ton FOB port of Santos.  
This is how we priced icumsa 800-1000 on January 10th, 2011.  
The letter C is the base price and we multiply that but 2,203.6 (US pounds in 1 US Ton)  
C=31.75 New York Market Price  
31.75 x 2203.6 = 69964/100 = 699.64 round it up = $699.65 + refinery prime of $120 for this type of icumsa (800-1000) which is not negotiable and it is an international practice = $819.65 
Total of $819.65 US Dollars for Brazilian icumsa 800-1000 per Metric Ton FOB port of Santos.  
Price may vary depending like any other icumsa on the daily market, quantity, spot or 12 month contract & refinery Premium depending on the type of icumsa.  
There is no such thing as HSS as the vessels never leave the ports without getting paid first and no vessel starts getting loaded without a signed contract!! all prices are calculated depending on the type of sugar; London Market Price + Premium or New York Market Price + Premium so there is no such prices under $500's or 600"s everything is around the mid $700's or higher. please dont get fooled by such things.  
Warm regards,  

Juan Jose Rivera
+1-619-666-4512 Cell
+1-619-864-1316 Fax
Nextel Radio: 122*25*4900
Skype: juanjorivera1

United States


interesados en comprar directamente a refinería o ingenio azucarero, Icumsa 45, en grandes cantidades, del orden de 200.000 TM mensuales, contrato anual, y con opción a renovar por dos años más.

Necesitamos disponibilidad y cotización precio FOB.

Elche, Spain

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