White Corn NON GMO - CIF Asia

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White Corn NON GMO - CIF Asia

NEW 2017 White Corn NON GMO - Up to 100,000 Mt p/month - Origin Mexico - FOB & CIF China Basis





SCO - White Corn NON GMO





We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to White Corn NON GMO from Mexico.Final terms will be agreed between Buyer & Seller.


·         Seller is R, W and A to advance in faster terms to Draft Contract after receive & approve ICPO.

·         Available order UP to 100,000 Mt monthly. 






White Corn NON GMO, export quality




1,200,000 (One million two hundred thousands) metric tons


Mexico / Sinaloa

Contract duration:

The duration of 12 monthly deliveries of 100,000 (One hundred thousand) metric tons plus two months.


12 monthly deliveries of 100,000 (One hundred thousand) metric tones corresponding to 30,000 Mt per Vessel according to loading Port Limitation -Port of Topolobampo.




  See ANNEX 1, Product Specification



  Fixed price of US$ 305 per metric tone - CIF    Tianjin China and US$ 255 Pmt in FOB Basis.


Payments terms:

LC or RDLC - Irrevocable NON transferable or Transferable, confirmed issued by TOP World Bank and paid 100% at Sight.       


Delivery terms:

CIF, China.

Schedule to be defined - First shipment earliest 30 days after the L/C is accepted by Seller’s bank.

The product is available immediately


Performance Bond:

2% as per Incoterms 2010.





Loading port:

Port of Topolobampo - Mexico



By Intertek, SGS at Sellers choice & expense.


Loading Rate:




Product Specification for White Corn NON GMO



Tabla de calidad

Concepto                                                                       %  de calidad del maíz


Peso Específico (Densidad)                                            76.0 kg/hl (mínimo)

Humedad                                                                         Hasta 14.0% máximo

Impurezas (materias extrañas)                                        Hasta 2.0% máximo

Granos Quebrados (sobre la base de 100 gramos)        Hasta 3.0% máximo

Granos Dañados por Hongos                                          Hasta 2.0% máximo

Granos dañados por calor y germen café                       Hasta 2.0% máximo

Granos podridos                                                              Hasta 1.0% máximo

Otros daños (germinados, manchados, helados,

inmaduros, por insectos, por roedor, etc.)                        Hasta 3.0% máximo

Suma total de granos dañados.                                        Hasta 5.0% máximo

Sanidad                                                                            Libre de insectos vivos y de excretas de roedor

Clasificación de Maíz Blanco                                           4.0% máximo grano de otros colores.

Aflatoxinas*                                                                       Hasta 20 partes por billón





Contract Procedures




0. Seller issues SCO Soft Corporate offer  

1. Buyer issues LOI/RWA with full banking coordinates and permission for Soft probe.

2. Seller issues Draft Contract.

3. Buyer signs the Draft Contract and sends it back to the Seller.

4. Seller issues the final Contract to the Buyer.

5. Buyer's bank issues and sends by swift the non-operative L/C 100% at sight to the Seller's bank within 48 hours.

6. Seller posts Performance Bond (PB) for the value of 2 % and LC becomes operative.

7. Shipment begins. Buyer can perform a physical inspection together with INTERTEK/SGS at the time of loading of product.






This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of the above..




Best Regards,





Luis O. Benavente


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