NEW 2017 Yellow Corn # 2 GMO

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NEW 2017 Yellow Corn # 2 GMO

NEW 2017 Yellow Corn # 2 GMO - Up to 100,000 Mt p/month - Origin Brazil - CIF China Basis




SCO - Yellow Corn # 2 GMO





We have the pleasure to inform you that our group have negotiated this excellent option related to Yellow Corn # 2 from Brazil.Final terms will be agreed between Buyer & Seller.


·         Seller is R, W and A to advance in faster terms to Draft Contract after receive & approve ICPO.

·         Available order UP to 100,000 Mt monthly. 






Brazilian Yellow Corn GMO, group 2, export quality




1,200,000 (One million two hundred thousands) metric tons



Contract duration:

The duration of 12 monthly deliveries of 100,000 (One hundred thousand) metric tons plus two months.


12 monthly deliveries of 100,000 (One hundred thousand) metric tons corresponding to 2 -4 monthly shipments of between 25,000 and 50,000 metric tons.




See ANNEX 1, Product Specification



Fixed price of US$ 188 (One hundred and eighty eight) USD per metric tons.


Payments terms:

See terms and options in ANNEX 2, Payment Terms


Delivery terms:

CIF (Incoterms 2010), China, Guangzhou Port

Schedule to be defined –first shipment earliest 30/45 days after the SBLC/BG is accepted by the seller’s bank.

The product is available immediately)




(The product is available immediately)

Loading port:

At seller’s discretion, but probably Paranaguá or Santarém


By SGS at Sellers expense






Contract Procedures


1. Buyer accepts the SCO

2. The seller issues FCO

3. Seller issues draft contract to buyer

4. The buyer sends RWA to seller confirming availability of funds

5. The buyer requests any alterations necessary and sends it to the seller for approval/negotiation

6. Seller issues four hard copies of the final approved contract to be signed and exchanged

7. Buyer furnishes confirmation text of draft instrument of guarantee for seller’s bank approval within three banking days from signing the contract

8. Seller approves text of guarantee within three banking days thereafter

9. Buyer issues operative, irrevocable and confirmed instrument of guarantee within five banking days thereafter

10. The seller issues a 2% performance bond

11. Delivery and shipment commence as per agreed schedule










This representation is made with full corporate authority and responsibility of the above..




Best Regards,





Luis O. Benavente


Phone: +56 9 71572892

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